JK-One Owners Club Indonesia (JOOCI)

One of our favorite events was JK-One Owners Club Indonesia (JOOCI) where we were asked to become a single Event Organizer to create an off-road experience for Jeep owners.

The responsibilities we hold as EO are:

Provides allocation for Off Road.
Reporting for Event Permissions.
Provide means for penginepan.
Packing an event to keep klein always remembered.
Document from start to finish event.

Here a little review from the Community of JK-One Owners Club Indonesia (JOOCI), who joined a community is looking to “another atmosphere”. They want to refreshing from work routines while getting new friends and experiences. But there are also some communities have a busy schedule of activities. I want to refreshing even meetings.

This is what JK One Owners Club Indonesia (JOOCI) has avoided. “Everyday we are busy with each other’s work. Why join the community if it’s serious. Precisely in the community we make refreshing means.

“It’s a spontaneity event. From chatting in Whatapps group some of us agreed to go for a walk. Yes refreshing it, “said Hendra who claimed nearly 90% of its members are entrepreneurs alias entrepreneurs. “They are busy everyday. Yes here is where we all make refreshing. “

However there are also serious activities. Last October they just implemented a distant touring agenda Jabalo (Java Bali Lombok) 2016 and baksos event. And the unique event of Turing far is only done once a year. So also with the event touring abroad which next year plans to refreshing to Japan or the United States.

Hendra said, JOOCI relatively new, formed April 12, 2013. Members until now only 90 cars. “We are very selective in accepting members. Maybe we will only open the quota to 100 cars, “said the supplier businessman.

In addition to existing in Jabodetabek community consisting of owners Wrangler, Sahara, Rubicon, it also has a branch in Garut, Tasikmalaya and Yogyakarta. Soon they will inaugurate branches in Brebes, Bandung and Bali.

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